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We are committed to maximising the local economic benefit of our activity.

Some 3,200 people work on GAC sites in Guinea. Over 96 per cent of our total workforce is Guinean.

In 2023, we made $283 million in direct expenditures in Guinea.

This included $210 million in procurement of goods and services from local Guinean suppliers. We work with companies in our region to improve their ability to compete for our business.

In 2022, we paid $63.8 million to governments in Guinea, as royalties, taxes and other fees. In addition, we contribute to the Boké Local Economic Development Fund (FODEL), which we consider to be a social contribution.

GAC direct employees received $11 million in salaries in 2022, and we spent almost $1 million on training and talent development.

We made $3.2 million in social investments and donations in Guinea in 2023.