Local content, priority for GAC

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC SA), a major player within the mining sector in the Republic of Guinea, is keen to enhance and assist in the social development process of Guinea. This is one of the major pillars of the mission of GAC’s parent company, Aluminum Emirates Global (AEG). As a result, GAC constantly redoubles its efforts to optimise local content on everything within its supply chain, thereby developing the local industrial fabric and skills by making them participate in activities and offer-calls made by the company and that of its sub-contractors. GAC has therefore defined a strategy that is essentially based on a local content plan. This plan includes a variety of initiatives.

Whenever skills are available in the region, GAC is keen to choose them from businesses and entrepreneurs from within the Boké region thereby actively participating in the development of the area. Indeed, in August 2017, more than half of GAC's purchases were done locally.

To enable potential suppliers and local entrepreneurs to meet the required standards, GAC develops training programs and assistance. It grants local suppliers the opportunity to continually improve its quality of service to match that offered by international companies.

GAC ensures that each of its potential suppliers can satisfy both the standards and policies, and is therefore able to respond to offer-calls that the company and its sub-contractors require.

The GAC Code of Conduct is applied and respected by all GAC’s sub-contractors and service providers, and is a mandatory requirement to be a partner in this project. and service providers, and is a mandatory requirement to be a partner in this project.

GAC Executive Director, Ms. Diallo Aissata Beavogui recalled that: "GAC wishes to ensure that its contribution to the economic development of the Boké region benefits local companies and suppliers.”

GAC’s ambition is to work closely with the government at both the national and the regional level to propose innovative solutions in Guinean enterprises during the construction and then the operational phase.

GAC builds a future of hope, opportunity and pride for Guinea.