Our history

Guinea Alumina Corporation can trace its origins back to 2001 as Global Alumina with the goal of constructing and operating an alumina refinery in the Republic of Guinea. Emirates Global Aluminium acquired full ownership of GAC in May 2013.

  • 2018
    1. Calendar October
      Receipt of the stacker reclaimer at Kamsar port
    2. Calendar August
      Arrival in Kamsar of the first wagons
    3. Calendar June
      50% of completed construction works
    4. Calendar June
      Arrival of the Car Dumper equipment in Kamsar
    5. Calendar April
      Start of the rail work at Kamsar platform
    6. Calendar February
      One-third of project complete
    7. Calendar February
      Start of work of loading platform at the concession
    8. Calendar January
      Resettlement at the port and the mine achieve
  • 2017
    1. Calendar August
      Start of the marine offshore work at Kamsar port.
    2. Calendar July
      Awarding of the mining operation and construction infrastructure contract to Bouygues Travaux Public.
  • 2016
    1. Calendar November
      Start of work of unloading platform at Kamsar port
    2. Calendar October
      Grand opening of the new container terminal in Kamsar under the distinguished patronage of S.E.M., the President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé.
    3. Calendar June
      EGA’s Board of Directors orders the launch of the first phase of the GAC Project.
  • 2014
    1. Calendar June
      The Republic of Guinea Parliament ratifies revised Guinea Alumina Corporation Project Scope.
  • 2013
    1. Calendar May
      EGA acquired 100% share of Guinea Alumina Corporation.
  • 2008
    1. The worldwide financial crisis has repercussions on the ability and interest of certain shareholders to finance their contribution in equity capital. Despite these difficulties, the parties involved in the project succeed in maintaining a certain number of commitments, as well as several social and environmental activities in the geographic area of the project.
  • 2007
    1. Global Alumina transfers a majority interest in the project to BHP Billiton (33.33%), Mubadala (8.33%) and DUBAL (25%), and maintains a holding of 33.33%.
  • 2001
    1. Global Alumina, a young publicly-traded Canadian mining company, obtains Mining Concession 149 from the Guinean government to construct and operate an alumina refinery, as well as the related infrastructure.