GAC computer training

As part of its community-based capacity-building program, the Guinea Alumina Corporation ("GAC") initiated and funded, for the second consecutive year, a computer training program for sixty (60) young (girls and boys) from Boké. These are all from the surrounding areas of GAC’s project as well as the Sangarédi, Tanènè, Boké, Kolaboui, and Kamsar corridors.
The ceremony launching this computer training that will allow young graduates that are unemployed to be competitive and to seize the job opportunities that require computer knowledge was held on July 24 in Boké and Sangarédi, in the presence of local elected officials and the heads of the training centers.
For four months, learners will be introduced to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet use. The end of the training will be crowned by an acknowledged certificate presented to the beneficiaries.
This initiative is in line with the recommendations of the GAC Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study on Building Capacity of Surrounding Communities in the Project Area.
The Dibia Ward Chief in the Boké Prefecture said: "A few days ago, we attended the launch of a GAC-funded training at the Boké Vocational Training Center. Today, the same company invited us to launch another training session here in Dibia. This Company always favors our communities, from Sangarédi to Kamsar and I think this company is here to support and imitate.''
GAC reiterates once again its willingness and determination to contribute strategically to the development of local communities.