GAC at the heart of the event - ''Conakry world book capital 2017''

As part of its capacity-building initiatives for communities in its areas of activity, GAC sponsors and participates actively in the event Conakry World Book Capital 2017.
GAC announced its partnership as a sponsor at this major world cultural event that highlights Guinea this year and marks its support for the literacy program and the promotion of books and reading.
Indeed, thanks to this partnership, GAC will approve the construction of a reading access area to be built in the region of Boké. This achievement will help to develop public reading and sustainable use of books among all categories of potential readers in the region.
As a reminder, GAC has already carried out several activities in the field of literacy and vocational training, including:
Funding for the fourth consecutive year of the professionalization of 92 young people from the localities of Sangaredi, Tanene, and Kamsar in different sectors at the vocational training center of Boké, the financing of a vast program of functional literacy for adults with nearly 3,000 beneficiaries to date, and since 2014, the establishment of its International Program of Capacity Building and Skills Transfer called the "GAC Skills Program," which allows young Guineans to benefit from training in the United Arab Emirates each year, so these young people can come back and put their experiences to good use for the development of Guinea.
With this new initiative, GAC reiterates once again its support for the cultural and socio-economic development of local communities in its intervention areas.