GAC and community development support

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC), a major player in the mining sector in the Republic of Guinea, has reported its balance sheet in terms of contributions and community investments since the beginning of its project in Guinea.

One of GAC’s aims is to support the socio-economic development of communities around its activities in Sangarédi - Tanènè - Boké - Kolaboui and Kamsar. To this end, GAC has initiated and financed several health projects and training, which are necessary for the improvement of the living conditions of the population.

It is with satisfaction that GAC announces that, to date, it has achieved (on behalf of these communities), numerous initiatives, including:

· 11 schools with latrine blocks, fencing and equipment including: 7 in Sangarédi, 2 in Hamdallaye (Tanènè), and 2 in Kamsar;

· The training of 120 young people in computer science in Sangarédi, Boké and Kamsar;

· 959 persons have benefited from training in the sectors of boiler making, electricity, mechanics, etc. at the Boké Vocational Training Center. These individuals also benefited from end-of-training kits;

· 1447 youths and adults have benefited from a comprehensive functional literacy program integrated with income-generating activities;

· 49 boreholes, which have facilitated access to drinking water;

· 8 health posts and latrines, and housing for Heads-of-Posts have already been built;

· 94,376 people have already been informed about the modes of transmission, prevention and cure from STIs/HIV/AIDS, malaria and Ebola fever;

· 4700 long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets have been distributed, to support efforts in the fight against malaria; and

· 3,347 fruit plants have been offered to communities to strengthen their livelihood restoration.

These investments were executed at a total cost of US $3.4 million. They testify to GAC’s clear intention for the self-promotion of the communities via sustainable development.

Mrs. Diallo Aissata Beavogui, Director General of GAC said: "The good cohabitation with the communities is an absolute necessity for the realization of any mining project. For GAC this translates into the constant socio-economic support of local communities."

It is in this context that GAC continues its support for the development of these communities.
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