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Guinea Alumina Corporation aims to maximise the participation of Guineans in both its staff and contractor workforce.

Mining projects typically create many temporary jobs during construction, and a smaller number of permanent roles during the production life of the mine. In this matter, GAC’s construction and mining project are no exception.

We expect the construction workforce for our project to reach 4,000 at peak. The permanent workforce during the operational phase will be about 350, with approximately a further 400 permanent contractors.

Construction of our project has already created several thousand temporary and medium-term jobs in Guinea. Most of these jobs are in our supply chain, in companies that are providing us with goods and services during the construction of our project.

Over 75% of these positions are filled by people from the Boké region, creating further economic opportunity in the region as they spend their wages.

At the start of the project, we established dedicated recruitment centres in Kamsar, Sangaredi and Boké towns to facilitate the employment of local people. We require our contractors and sub-contractors to use these facilities for recruitment.

As we near completion and temporary construction roles come to an end, we plan to use some of these employment centres to provide support for people as they seek other employment opportunities.

GAC itself currently directly employs almost 200 people as staff. Three-quarters of our staff are Guineans, including our Director General and Chief Financial Officer.

We select the best candidates for roles, but at the same time carefully ensure that recruitment is done transparently and fairly.

In the longer term, GAC aspires to have all its staff roles held by Guineans. To achieve this, GAC is investing in the training and development of its employees, here and abroad. This includes seconding high-potential Guinean employees to Emirates Global Aluminium in the United Arab Emirates to deepen their skills and broaden their experience.

Since 2014, almost 50 Guineans have participated in this programme which we call GAC Skills. GAC has already invested some US$ 1 million in this programme.

We have also provided more than 22,000 hours of skills training and development to staff in Guinea over the past two years. Our key areas of focus are leadership, the English language, and relevant professional specialisations. Almost 90 employees have participated in this training.

To contact us about employment opportunities, the e-mail address is