GAC supports agricultural activities within Taïgbé communities

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) is proud to announce that it will undertake a development and agricultural intensification study project for local communities on the island of Taïgbé.

The first stage of the project is the compensation-in-kind for the loss of 6.5 hectares of mangrove rice fields that affected sixteen landowners during the acquisition of a strip of land to accommodate ore conveyors running between the terminal railway and the boat loading platform.

In addition to this compensation, GAC also wishes to support the development of the island's rice activities by carrying out studies involving 300 ha of rice plains and the rehabilitation of more than 100 ha of rice-growing areas, in order to ensure agricultural intensification for the entire community of the island.

The project will also allow for the establishment of rehabilitated farmland management committees, and help generate additional resources and create jobs within the community.

GAC has always been committed to assisting the government and the communities living near its mining centres to contribute effectively to the economic development of Guinea in general, and the Boké region in particular.

Ms. Diallo Aïssata Béavogui, General Manager of GAC, said: "This project is a real opportunity for communities on the island of Taïgbé to improve their income and agricultural productivity."

GAC is building a future of hope, opportunity and pride for Guinea!