GAC participates in the Guinean Jobs Fair 2018

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) SA, a major player in the mining sector in Guinea, took part in the 2018 Guinean Job Fair. Organized by “l’Association des Jeunes Guinéens de France (AJGF)”, on 27 and 28 April 2018, in Paris. This event was an opportunity for GAC to present both its training and skills transfer programs to potential employees, as well as an opportunity to build a solid and a qualitative database of future Guinean talent.

More than 1000 participants at this fair were able to learn about GAC’s future plans, as well as hear about the prospects and career opportunities that such plans afforded those with the relevant qualifications and appropriate experience. This was an important event for the company, which is actively looking for qualified and motivated young professionals.

In addition, this event was an opportunity for the company to highlight the numerous training, mentoring and world-class development programs which the company offers both in-country, and through its parent companies in the UAE.

Present at the event, GAC's Director General Mrs. Aissata BEAVOGUI, said: "It is with great pride that I represent GAC at this job fair, not only because of the Company’s ambition to enhance local careers, but also for our determination to contribute to the development of Guinea. For the most part, we Guineans are excellent managers because we know the local languages, customs, and cultures of our country."

Currently over 80% of GAC’s workforce are Guineans, which reflects the company’s aspirations of the total "Guineanization" of its workforce. In addition, the company acknowledges that this promotes significant economic growth, which in turn will lead to further development of the country.