50 diplomas awarded thanks to the GAC-CFP Boke program

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) SA, a major player in the mining sector in the Republic of Guinea, is pleased to announce the graduation from the Boké vocational training centre of 50 young people. This facility was financed by the company.

As part of the promotion of the communities neighboring to its installations that, for the fifth consecutive year, GAC has financed this initiative which targets the improvement of fifty young women and men from Sangarédi, Tanènè, Boké , Kolaboui and Kamsar. For six months, the learners have become professional in electrical engineering, car mechanics or boiler making. The practical-oriented course consisted of 10% theoretical learning and 90% practical work.

The process of recruiting candidates for this training was based upon those nominated by local authorities (ie district chiefs or village chiefs), who were located within GAC’s areas of ​​operation. In addition to this requirement, candidates must know how to read and write, and commit (post-training) to applying their learned.

On 21 February 2018, training ended with (in the presence of the Apprentice Follow-up Committee (CSA), the management of the CFP, the Heads of Districts and GAC representatives) the delivery of certificates and end-of-training kits. The end-of-training kits will allow the beneficiaries to embrace professional opportunities that are offered to them. These kits are composed of (for boilermakers) eight 7 KVA generators combined with welding stations and accessories distributed to 16 students (ie a combined generator to be shared between two students); for electricians (individual kits consisting of ladders and measuring devices for each of these 17 students); and for mechanics (individual toolboxes for each of these 17 students).

Aboubacar Demba, spokesman for the graduating students, said: "This training gives us the chance to take charge of our lives. We are committed to implementing what we have learned for our own well-being, because having a job is our future.”

At the opening of the ceremony, the authorities welcomed this GAC initiative and encouraged other companies from within the area to become part of this policy. In addition, they also encouraged GAC to continue with their initiative.

With this initiative, GAC reiterates its commitment to support the development of local communities.