new visual identity for Guinea Alumina Corporation SA (GAC)

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA), is pleased to announce a new corporate identity: a new logo.
The purpose of this change is to highlight and consolidate GAC's legal framework and legal identity as a Guinean corporation. It also aims, above all, to highlight the clear will and noble ambitions of the Guinean authorities and those of the United Arab Emirates to develop and maintain excellent relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and for the happiness of the people. Guinean and Emirati.
EGA has, therefore, positioned itself with the strategy of ensuring that the GAC project is as Guinean as possible, thus making a commitment to have the maximum number of Guineans involved in the project execution chain. Above all, EGA wants to ensure that the Guinean economy, the people of Guinea, and in particular, the local communities directly affected, benefit to the fullest extent from the development and execution of the project.
Thus, work has been carried out with clarity and simplicity to express the fact that GAC is a major player in the development of the mining sector in Guinea and that Guineans can identify themselves with the project belonging to them.
The lines of communication of the company will now be based on this new logo, which adopts the acronym of the Guinea Alumina Corporation S.A. and the colors "red, yellow, and green," representing the colors of the Guinean flag.
This new visual logo will gradually replace the old EGA logo on all communication channels for more accurate identification and visibility of GAC during the project’s life-cycle.