Maintenance of the national RN22, GAC makes the point

In accordance with provision of the environmental and social impact study (ESIS) of the Mass Bulk Sample (MBS) part of its project, Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC SA), a major mining company in the Republic of Guinea, is maintaining throughout the duration of the project, National Highway 22 between Tinguilinta and Kamsar via Boké. GAC has, since the start of the MBS project, continued to maintenance National Highway 22. This maintenance and repair work consists of locating and recording all the pot-holes and systematically repairing them using laterite and cold bitumen, which produces a sustainable and resilient repair. Work started on 11th April 2017 on the section between Boké and Kolaboui, and was undertaken by UMS. The company will continue on the stretch from Kolaboui to Kamsar, and from Tinguilinta to Tamakene.

These works are being done in two phases:

  • The first phase consists of the treatment of pot-holes by compacting the laterite.
  • The second phase consists of covering them with asphalt.

However, because of the current very high rainfall, such work is not conducive to asphalting, so work continues with just laterite, until the rainfall decreases whereupon bitumen work will resume.

To date, four on-the-spot missions by the Inspections of the Ministry of Public Works, have inspected the work and noted the asphalting of the Tamakène to Kolaboui section, whilst the rest of the section has been laterited.

On the issue of these missions, Mr. Sekouba Souare engineer P/C and member of the inspection committee said: "We thank GAC for honouring its commitment and stayed the course since its first inspection. We encourage the public works authorities to help the company to achieve its objectives.”

GAC, as a responsible company, makes roadside security one of his absolute priorities.

The maintenance of the National Highway 22 is therefore a project of major importance since it will contribute to enhancing the safety of all road users.

Mrs Aissata BEAVOGUI, General Manager of GAC, said that: “We reaffirm our commitment to maintaining the National Highway 22 in the same state with which we found it and express our determination that our carriers maintain the safety standards that we have established to ensure the smooth running of our activities without damage.”

GAC builds a future of hope, opportunity and pride for Guinea.