Guinea Alumina Corporation S.A (GAC) conducts practical training for students of the GEO-mining institute of Boke

Guinea Alumina Corporation SA (GAC) received the students of the 4th promotion of the Department of Environment and Industrial Security (ESI) of the Geo-Mining Institute of Boké for a working visit to its mining concession from 27 to 28 March 2017.
This visit, led by the authorities of the institute, is part of the practical training in business in the areas of hygiene, health and safety, and environment (HSSEC). During this visit, the HSSEC and the GAC mining department leaders first held an orientation session for the students and then took them to the mine for an observation of the planned mining operations and the on-site infrastructure.
Satisfied with the measures put in place by GAC, the ESI department head, Dr. Mory Kourouma warmly thanked the GAC officials for their hospitality and the quality of the practical training that meets all international standards for HSSEC. "I hope that this practical training session multiplies and extends to all the departments of the institute," he said.
GAC officials reiterated the company's commitment and readiness to help young students become more proficient in their respective fields through practical placements that will help them find a job.
Marked by the hygiene and health and safety measures implemented at the level of the mine and infrastructure, Mamoudou Camara, a student of the institute, thanked his Institute for initiating this internship within GAC. "I learned a lot during the different exchanges. I thank the authorities of my institute for giving us this opportunity to do this practical training and the GAC officials for the quality of practical training," he said.
GAC is fully committed to setting an ambitious business model for the culture of workplace safety. Its strategy is to promote the proactive safety and empowerment of each employee to ensure a safe work environment and also to cultivate the principle of "zero harm" at the local community and environmental levels.