GAC shapes its employees in health and safety

Safety is one of the top priorities for the Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC SA), a major player in the mining sector in the Republic of Guinea.

On August 10, 2017, a total of 233 GAC employees and sub-contractors took an active part in theoretical and practical training sessions on health and safety based upon international standards. These training sessions took place over 6 weeks, on the company’s three sites: Conakry, Kamsar and Sangaredi, and were provided by several organizations. For instance, for snake capture techniques, training was provided by the South African Institute "African Snakebite Institute”, reputed to be one of the best in this area on the African continent. For first aid, training was provided by the Guinean Red Cross.

A representative from the training course confirmed that: “We are happy and confident that we have now been equipped with the techniques and expertise that will enable us to make a significant contribution to GAC's health and safety goals."

This training program fits perfectly with the objectives of the company, in particular promoting a culture of sustainability through the preservation of biodiversity (such as providing an alternative to the previous practice of killing snakes), but also the preservation of the health and safety amongst its staff.

On this occasion, a representative of the General Management also spoke in these terms: “All of these initiatives are part of the implementation of our vision of our society in the area of health and safety (including that of "zero harm"). We seek to identify and control hazards, and reduce risk exposures to acceptable levels, are working to preserve the general state of health and the well-being of all our employees, sub-contractors and communities impacted by our operations.”

GAC is committed to building a responsible and citizen business model to contribute effectively to the process of the socio-economic development of Guinea.