GAC provides compensation revenue management training to local communities

From 22 to 25 May 2017, 190 people from the populations directly affected by the mining and port activities of the Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) benefited from training in compensation revenue management.
This training, which was held in Kamsar and Tanènè, was initiated with a goal to improve the standard of living of the populations through the Company’s capacity-building program, which allows them to better understand the importance of the payment of compensations by maturity, as recommended by the International Financial Corporation but also to be able to equip beneficiaries with an effective means to better manage revenues. And also to provide them with an understanding of the notion of savings and to be able to develop income-generating activities through the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
In collaboration with Crédit Rural de Guinée, the managers in charge of the resettlement and compensation action plan could realize this other important stage of compensation, which will support GAC in its communications related to the full payment of replacement prices from the evaluation of plantations and other annual crop fields.
Through this initiative, GAC reiterates, once again, its commitment to supporting the development of local communities.