GAC proceeds to restore livelihoods to local communities.


Guinea Alumina Corporation, "GAC S.A", a major player in the public mining sector of Guinea, is pleased  to announce the start of the first phase of implementation of work on four palm plantations, for the benefit of the communities of  Mobhi, Parawi, Sountiourou Thiouladji and DIWE.

This initiative is part of the implementation of the restoration of resources program of subsistence for communities affected by the construction of the water dam. This dammed water will be used (90%) for the suppression of dust and (10%) for utilities. So far this year, the livelihood team has replaced 1430 pacifera palm trees on 10 ha which will be managed entirely by already established teams of female palm plantation gardeners from the four impacted villages. Compound agricultural workers, supervisors and caretakers have also been trained on the maintenance and treatment of herbicides in palm plantations. This work was 100% achieved by hand by four agricultural supervisors, eighty agricultural workers and eight guards. They are responsible for monitoring the plant growth and maintaining the anti-rodent fencing. All this is being fully funded by GAC.

GAC applies the standards of the IFC (International Finance Corporation) on liability, environmental and social issues: these are global standards for the mining industry. The company is strongly committed to a developmental approach to sustainability and has a vision of Zero Harm, which means the limitation and strict control of its impact to the environment and its neighbouring communities.

Tony Kneuker, resettlement project manager, said: "This is part of GAC's commitment to re-establishing the livelihoods of people affected  by the project, in this case, it is the construction of the dam."

This is a further example of how GAC continues to support  development of local communities.