GAC offers motorcycles to Boke and Sangaredi districts

Always working to maintain strong and productive links between it and the communities around its facilities and activities, GAC decided to offer a means of travel to the localities impacted by its project.

Monday, March 13, 2016, was marked by the delivery of eight (8) brand new motorcycles, TVS 125 GLX, to the eight districts that make up the GAC mining concession. The handover took place at the community house (Soudou Djama), located in Tinguilinta in the presence of the local authorities of the sub-prefecture of Tanènè and Sangarédi.

The sub-prefect and the mayor greatly appreciated GAC's support to district presidents and emphasized that motorcycles are not for personal use. But, for the smooth running of activities between GAC and the communities.

The purpose of this donation is to facilitate the movement and participation of District Presidents for various exchange and information meetings on the implementation of the GAC project.

Through this initiative, GAC is demonstrating its commitment to supporting community development.