GAC launching maritime contracting work

Guinea Alumina Corporation SA (GAC), a major player in the mining sector in the Republic of Guinea, announces the launch of maritime construction works, as part of its bauxite export program via the port of Kamsar.

This work started with the installation of the first underwater pier for the construction of a 1.5km-long hangar, a 2700 m2 loading platform and a 240m-long berth for the loading of barges to bring bauxite to bulk carriers which will be stationed off the coast of Kamsar. From here, the bauxite will be shipped internationally.

This work is being carried out by subcontractor, China Harbour Engineering Co (CHEC).
Mr. Steeve Tremblay, Director of GAC Projects, said: "The first pile for the marine structure is an important step in our construction works that will allow GAC to export bauxite. This is an important part of the project. This [work] was done safely and with respect for the environment by an experienced team.”

As a reminder: in August 2017 at Kamsar, GAC inaugurated the 107m-long Bridge 4 connecting its facilities to the Island of Taigbe, to facilitate the transportation of personnel and materials needed for maritime work.

GAC’s bauxite project is still in its construction phase, that is to say the establishment of infrastructure that will allow it to later export bauxite.