evolution of the GAC bauxite sampling project

The Guinea Alumina Corporation’s (GAC) bauxite sampling project, known as the "Marketing Bauxite Sample" (MBS), is progressing well, in line with the forecasts of the feasibility study.

Since the actual start of the works, more than 7 blasting operations have been carried out. These blasting operations have generated about 290,000 tons of bauxite, of which 222,000 tons are extracted by the "NB Mining" Subcontractor and transported to the container wharf (KCT) of Kamsar by “United Mining Services” (UMS).

On December 7, 2016, the first boatload of 55,001 tons of bauxite left the port of Kamsar bound for China. On February 28, 2017, a second boat carrying 55,015 tons also left for China. On April 18, 2017, aboard MV Global Frontier, the third shipment of 55,000 tons of bauxite left the port of Kamsar bound for India.

GAC is delighted with the smooth evolution of this operation without incident and which fits with its "Zero Accident" philosophy. To this end, appropriate arrangements are made to ensure that all activities are carried out safely. The trucks transport the material in a well-structured convoy, and led by vehicles that ensure strict compliance with the speed limit; a GPS monitoring system also allows for controlling the speed limit. There are well-posted scouts at strategic roadside locations to help facilitate traffic. An adequate fatigue management mechanism is in place, including the provision of two drivers per truck. All these measures are accompanied by regular maintenance of the road by highly qualified technical teams.

For Moussa Mara, Superintendent MBS / Mine, ''it’s with satisfaction for us at GAC to pilot such a project in such good conditions while receiving full support from neighboring communities. However, we will always work to maintain a high level of vigilance throughout the life of the project."