Departure of the third group of beneficiaries of the GAC skills program of Guinea Alumina Corporation

The Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) is pleased to announce the departure of the third group of Guinean youth beneficiaries from its international capacity building and skills transfer program to the United Arab Emirates on Friday, May 19, 2017. This program is frequently referred to as the "GAC Skills Program."
The "GAC Skills Program” essentially consists of identifying and selecting young Guineans with talent and potential to send them to the United Arab Emirates, where the headquarters of its parent company "Emirates Global Aluminum" (EGA) is located.
At EGA, these young people will acquire skills and expertise in various fields.
The "GAC Skills Program" is part of GAC's goal of enabling Guineans to play a leading role in the GAC project delivery chain.
For the third year in a row, the program, which once again enjoyed great popularity and registered thousands of applications in a very selective national competition, selected 17 young Guineans.
These 17 young people will travel to Dubai at EGA headquarters for a period of 9 months to gain hands-on experience directly alongside internationally recognized experts who work in a working environment with world-class facilities.
At the end of the program, the young trainees will return to Guinea to implement their new skills in the framework of the GAC project for the benefit of Guinea.
On the occasion of the departure of this new wave, Mrs. Diallo Aissata Beavogui, the General Director of GAC, spoke in these terms: "GAC puts at the center of its concerns the sharing of its values ​​and the strong implication of all stakeholders for the success of his project. This involves developing Guinean expertise in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the project. Through this GAC SKILLS program, these 17 young people will be well equipped to return to work in the framework of the GAC project for the benefit of Guinea. I wish them a very good stay in Dubai and a very good training in their respective fields "
Through this initiative, GAC intends to continue its efforts in the context of the creation of opportunities and the development of Guinean talents.