Construction of a sample house with standard dimensions for the resettlement of communities impacted by the GAC project

GAC is building a model house called a "control house" with standard dimensions that will be applied to all future homes that will be built for communities to relocate to the village of ‘Hakoundhè Tchiandi’. This decision by the Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) aims to address any ambiguity regarding the size of houses to be built for the Belikindy populations affected by the construction of GAC's mining infrastructure.

These buildings, whose dimensions are well received by the communities, will be of two types. A first type consists of a bedroom, a living room of 12 m², a storeroom and a veranda to replace each impacted box.

The second type of building consists of two to five rooms, including a porch and a storeroom to replace any other impacted building that is not a box.

The resettlement village is being built by South Africa's WBHO (Wilson Bayly Holmes Ovcon).

This compensation system, to which GAC has subscribed, is the one recommended by national and international standards, in particular, that of the International Finance Corporation, with regard to resettlement. These standards require the restoration of the same living conditions or their improvement for displaced populations.

One of the beneficiaries confessed, "we thought we were being relocated to one-square-meter rooms but the construction of this ‘control house’ reassures us in more ways than one."

GAC through this action reiterates its commitment and determination in the support and development of impacted communities.