Vision, mission, values

Guinea Alumina Corporation’s vision is to provide sustainable bauxite-based products of the best possible quality, while forging a reputation of excellence, and constructing a future full of opportunities and pride for the Republic of Guinea. This vision is supported by three fundamental values:


We place importance on:

  • The safety of individuals, first and foremost;
  • The integrity, transparency, and the just and loyal nature of our activity; and
  • The protection of the environment.


We place importance on:

  • The improvement and advancement of individuals;
  • Sustainable relationships, based on trust among our partners; and
  • The well-being of the communities in which we operate.


We place importance on:

  • A culture based on empowerment, belonging within the company and a spirit of collaboration;
  • Our commitment to excel in our activity and the desire to innovate; and
  • Sustainable growth and profitability in all of our activities.


These values assist us in our commitment to maintain our integrity – to do what is right. They guide us in our interactions with clients, suppliers, colleagues, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.